Constitutional Politics in Turkey
The Research-Lab at a glance

Having in mind that research is often conducted in hermetic isolation, the research lab “Constitutional Politics in Turkey” is conceptualized as an alternative setting. It does not follow the classical research design – i.e. three year project with a thematic focus and a permanent research team –, but prefers a more experimental approach. Researchers from different backgrounds and at different career levels who share the interest in the subject “Constitutional Politics in Turkey” have the opportunity to approach this topic from different perspectives.

In addition to the core research teams at the department of social sciences in Berlin and the law faculty Ankara, other scientists will have the possibility to become member of the network, which is to be established and extended in the course of the research lab. Twice a year, researchers (Post-Doc, PhD and MA-students completing their studies) can apply for financial support (1-6 months research assignments) and access to institutional infrastructure at venues in Berlin and/or Ankara, as well as membership in the research laboratory “Constitutional Politics in Turkey”, funded by Stiftung Mercator.

The “Research Lab Constitutional Politics in Turkey” continues the research project on the Turkish Constitutional Court and the interdisciplinary cooperation among the project partners Prof. Dr. Silvia von Steinsdorff and Assoc. Prof. Ece Göztepe-Çelebi.



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